About Ferrell Engineering

Ferrell Engineering was founded in 1991, by Tom Ferrell. With 24 years experience in steel erection and fabrication, Mr. Ferrell foresaw a growing need in the fabrication industry for connection design services provided by a licensed engineer. At the time this service was an in-house luxury of only the larger steel fabricators. Prior to the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse it was common practice for the structural steel connections to be selected by the structural steel detailer for the fabricator, and reviewed by the Engineer of Record for adequacy and conformance to the contract documents. Subsequent to the collapse, structural steel connection design on most projects (east of the Rocky Mountains) is designated in the specifications to be designed by a licensed engineer in the state of the project. This design responsibility creates an opportunity for the fabricator to be more involved in the selection of connection details. The fabricator's choice of engineers has a significant impact of the connection details that will be selected, and ultimately the cost of fabricating and erecting these connections. However, economy of structural steel fabrication and efficiency of erection is rarely taught outside of on-the-job training within the steel industry. With years of hands on experience Mr. Ferrell resigned his position as Director of Engineering of Trinity Industries, a major steel fabricator, and with this decision Ferrell Engineering was formed.

Ferrell Engineering's client base is the result of years of old friends and new friends that have come by the recommendation of existing clients. Throughout our history Ferrell Engineering has relied on the repeat business of our customers. With no marketing or estimating staff, Ferrell Engineering is a production based company. Our primary focus is providing safe and sound engineering design. Ferrell Engineering's goal is to provide fast, economical, and construction efficient design, specific to the customer and project requirements. Our relationships with fabricators and designers allow us to communicate effectively for the benefit of the project. While considering fabrication economy we are able to address important design considerations, such as seismic design requirements and critical load paths.

Ferrell Engineering has provided structural steel connection design on projects world-wide. Our clients include structural steel fabricators, miscellaneous steel fabricators, and structural design firms. We provide engineering services for performing arts centers, sports arenas, convention centers, hospitals, baseball stadiums, transportation centers, and numerous other commercial and industrial facilities.

Ferrell Engineering has engineers licensed in 37 states, provinces, and commonwealths: Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Illinois (PE), New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Louisiana, Nevada, Ohio, Iowa, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Colorado, West Virginia, Nebraska, Michigan, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Indiana, Connecticut, New Mexico, Arizona, New Hampshire, Wyoming, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Province of Alberta
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