Connection Design Software

Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office, RISA 3D, StruCAD 3D, MathCAD, Hilti Profis, AutoCAD, Microsoft Powerpoint

As with most other aspects of life and business, computers have revolutionized the steel industry. Ferrell Engineering has developed connection design software for almost any connection imaginable. Design calculations are provided in conformance with AISC 9th Edition ASD, 1st-3rd Edition LRFD, and the current 13th Edition Manuals. Ferrell Engineering has also developed connection software for CISC 7th-9th Edition Manuals. Over the years our software has incorporated both US standard units and metric units. Connection details and calculations have also been developed in accordance with AISC Seismic Provisions.

In addition to the structural requirements of the design, our software has incorporated many fabrication economies. Weld sizes and types, bolt grades and diameters, material thicknesses, and material grades are considered to provide economical solutions. Every effort is made to consider fabrication and erection efficiency.

Connection details, summaries, and index information are provided to the detailer to increase efficiency and minimize detailing errors. For official calculation submittals the detailer information is accompanied by clearly presented and documented connection calculations. Calculations are not presented in spreadsheet formats with hidden variables. Submittals include a transmittal listing all calculations and details, as well as their current revision numbers. Our calculations have been reviewed and approved by many of our industry's leading design firms and design professionals.
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