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Job Standards - Simple connection details, capacities, and calculations.
Connections Include: clip-angles bolted/bolted or welded/bolted, single-angle bolted/bolted or welded/bolted, single-plate (shear tab), simple embed connections, skewed endplate, and extended shear plate, coped beam capacity tables
Special Connections - Project specific connection details and calculations.
Examples: Axial loaded beam connections, column splices, truss panel point connections, truss to truss connections, vertical bracing, and moment connections. We provide connection details and summary information for simple coordination with the detailer. Connection calculations are provided in a clear professional format with professional engineering seal.
Miscellaneous Steel, Handrail, and Stair Design
Structural analysis of stair and handrail systems, including 3D modeling of monumental stair systems with complex geometry and architectural requirements, design of ornamental handrail systems using carbon steel, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, and glass. Also stair analysis including wind and seismic design.
Engineering Review and Seal of Shop Drawings
Review of shop drawings for conformance to the contract documents and connection design requirements. Provide professional engineering seal per project specifications.
Certified Welding Inspection (CWI) Services - AWS/RCSC Structural Bolt Inspection Endorsement
Develop Welding Procedure Specifications for shop and field welding applications. Provide fabricators, erectors, and engineers with field and shop welding/bolting technical support. Visual inspection reports and certification in conformance with project specifications, RCSC, and AWS D1.1.
Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony
40+ years of experience in structural steel erection, fabrication, estimating, detailing, and design.
Structural & Specialty Design
Steel Connection Design, Sealed Connection Calculations, Stair and Handrail Design, CWI Weld Support Service