Structural Steel Connection Design and Miscellaneous Steel, Handrail,
and Stair Design

Ferrell Engineering, owned, operated, and based solely in the USA, provides structural steel connection design to the steel fabrication industry and engineering design firms. Our structural engineering firm specializes in structural steel standard connections and project specific connection design. We also provide structural analysis of miscellaneous steel structures, handrail, and stairs.

Ferrell Engineering's staff has practical experience in all phases of steel construction; fabrication, erection, detailing, estimating, project management, and design. Through our efficiency and economic skills learned from hands-on experience, we provide design solutions which can provide project savings in detailing, fabrication, and erection. We thrive to find construction efficient solutions that save our customers' time and money.

We are available to discuss your specific project concerns. And we look forward to working with you to meet your engineering needs.

Tom Ferrell - 2012 AISC Lifetime Achievement Award
Structural & Specialty Design
Steel Connection Design, Sealed Connection Calculations, Stair and Handrail Design, CWI Weld Support Service
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